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Kilmun, Argyllshire,

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Days Out

Inverary (33 miles)
Just 50 minutes away via Loch Eck and Loch Fyne, a must-see is the Castle, seat of the Campbell Clan headed by the Duke of Argyll since 13th Century. Rebuilt in 1743, to a design in which two generations of Adams were involved, it has great history, and lovely grounds. Old Kilmun House used to be owned by Campbells and the graveyard next door to us is full of them, and also features a family mausoleum. The town of Inverary is really well laid out for visitors and three or four other attractions are worth a visit
– the 126’ tall Bell Tower featuring the third heaviest ring of ten bells in the world, the jail, and the ruins of Rob Roy’s House high up on Glen Shira. Lunch at the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar, with its shop attached, is traditional but not cheap. For a proper historical frisson you could drive on another hour and a bit across Rannoch Moor to Glencoe - spectacular in any weather - and visit the site of the massacre which blackened the Campbell name for centuries.

The Kyles of Bute
A short and quite pretty drive takes you across to the Kyles of Bute – spectacular views down to the Island of Bute itself and beyond. There is a view-finder on the A8003 which was put up to honour John’s grandfather and great uncle, inscribed to “two men who loved these hills.” Tighnabruich, which has a 9 hole golf course and a great pub, and Kames are pretty villages. Kilbride, just beyond Ticchnabruich, is a lovely sandy beach. You can’t really take a wrong turning in terms of scenery in this neck of the woods, provided you’ve got any visibility. From Colintraive (18 miles) you can take the most expensive ferry in the world (per yard) across to Robbodoch on the Island of Bute. A drive around the Kyles, plus a visit to Bute itself adds up to a full day out.

Island of Bute (18.01 miles)
Accesssed via the Colintraive-Robbodoch ferry (18 miles from here), Bute is an undiscovered jewel in Scotland’s crown of islands - usually overlooked because it is so easy to get to. Rothesay is a pretty town with a Castle and Museum, loads of cafes and bars and restaurants, outdoor entertainments for kids and a putting green. There are quite a few gardens open to the public on the island, which is only 25kms long and never wider than 7km. To the South of the Island is Mount Stuart, home to former racing driver Johnny Dumfries, who is now the Marquess of Bute. It is a stunning house with great gardens and a wonderful art collection, and open to the public all year. All around the island are pretty coves and beaches that are great for swimming, paddling, Barbecues etc. You can easily cycle the island in a day.

Glasgow (72 miles)
You can get there quicker using the boat, but we suggest you go the long way overland. It’s just over an hour and a half’s drive via Loch Eck, Loch Fyne, the “rest and be thankful” with its great views, Loch Lomond and the A82; a stunning route to take to an amazing city to visit. Great galleries, half a dozen major museums, European City of Architecture and of Culture, five full-time theatres, plus opera, classical music and ballet, Comedy Clubs, great restaurants, internationally recognised club scene, variety of concert venues, two reasonably famous football teams - and excellent retail therapy opportunities. The centre of Glasgow, and virtually all the main attractions, are extremely easy to navigate on foot. Edinburgh’s only another 55 minutes away by car or train.